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"Giving pet owners peace of mind in stressful times, knowing that they will be reunited with their dog or cat once again."

Here at The Compassionate Village, we value the human-animal bond, which is why we've developed the "Safe Haven" Temporary Foster Program. This one-of-a-kind program provides families who are experiencing personal crisis, domestic violence, sudden change in housing, military deployment or homelessness, the opportunity to enroll their pets into our temporary  foster program until they are able to bring them back home where they belong. We customize a plan that is suitable for every individual's unique circumstance, while keeping the best interest of both the family and their beloved pet in mind. During this time, pet owners are given much needed peace of mind, knowing that their dog and/or cat is safe, loved and being cared for until they're able to be reunited once again.

In order to make this program accessible to families throughout our community, we depend on volunteer fosters. If you're interested in giving hope to both animals and humans, click the button below and learn how to become a cat or dog Foster today!

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