"Giving found pets a chance to go home, giving families who have fallen on hard times, peace of mind and providing second chances to animals in need."

The Compassionate Village's "Safe Haven" Program provides dogs and cats who have been rescued off of the streets or whose families are experiencing financial hardship, personal crisis, domestic violence, sudden change in housing or homelessness, the opportunity to decompress in a comfortable, safe and relaxing home environment with a qualified TCV Volunteer Foster. Over the course of a minimum of 14 days, we make it our priority to reunite "FOUND" animals with their rightful owners. If an owner is not successfully located during the two week stray hold period, or the animal is surrendered by owner or an orphan, we will begin the process of Veterinary care (unless emergency medical attention was already administered upon rescue), Spay/Neuter, behavioral evaluations and a chance to be adopted through TCV. For pet owners whose pets are in need of temporary placement, we customize a plan that is suitable for you and your beloved pet, giving each pet owner the chance to get back on their feet with peace of mind, knowing that their pet is loved, safe and cared for until they're able to bring them home once again.